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Can you imagine a presentation of the latest iPhone run by  Steve Jobs, founder of Apple company? Or a discussion panel in which Maria Skłodowska-Curie takes part? All this, and even more, is possible with Anivatar ™ technology

Thanks to unique Anivatar™ technology, developed by Verne Vision creator, Krzysztof Kieszkowski, already successfully used in amusement parks and science centres, the event industry gained a new, fascinating tool.

How it works?

Anivatar ™ technology connects the virtual and real worlds.

Hidden from the eyes of the audience, the actor controls the character visible on the screen – depending on the scenario – it can be a nice blue whale, a field bee or customers’ character – and gives a great spectacle using script created with the help of professional screenwriters, child psychologists and other experts . The character from the screen animates the spectators or passers-by, pulling into play, asking and answering questions, laughing, telling stories and getting to know the audience.

We worked with

I take personal responsibility for the quality of the anivatar show with 20 years of experience in creating and programming this type of products.

Krzysztof Kieszkowski

Creator of the ANIVATAR™

Do you want to know how ANIVATAR ™ can make your event unique?

Krzysztof Kieszkowski.will tell you about the details

This technology can be used at large events, concerts, fairs (virtual presenter can take any form), as well as in shopping malls, shopping corridors, stadiums and other crowded places, where Anivatar ™ can successfully replace the work of a hostess.