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About us

Our digital actors are the attraction of amusement parks, conduct the world’s first interactive theater and cinema performances for children, conduct engaging and entertaining lectures in education centers, conduct classes in playrooms and help in psychological treatment of the youngest patients.

Kamil Rogulski is a long-term (over 10 years) employee of the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw and Smart Kids Planet – Centrum MÄ…drej Zabawy.

Manager and specialist in new trends in education and the development of scientific communication. In the company, he is responsible for sales finance, product development, has experience in educational field,

An IT specialist, a programmer and a creator of 3D animations, the creator of the system Anivatar workshop system.

An enterpreneur, providing educational solution to educational centers, museums and amusement parks.

In AnivatarEdu project among others responsible for product development and company management.

Together we will provide children with the power of unforgettable impressions!