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Anivatar Edu

Anivatar Edu - make your lessons alive! 

Revolutionary solution for remote and blended schooling

Have you ever seen children play with their favorite mascots for hours, talk to them?

Remote learning doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fun.

AnivatarEdu is a live computer animated character that naturally talks to the audience.

It is a combination of advanced computer graphics, animation, an attractive script and acting improvisation that allows children to participate in a new, fascinating experience.

Children can talk to the character and influence what is happening on the screen!

The character reacts as if alive: he sees and hears them, answers them, asks questions and draws them into play. It is a MAGICAL experience for children – something they dreamed of watching their favorite fairy tales, but considered it impossible.

Thanks to this technology, children get very involved in the lesson they are teaching and can’t wait for the next one.

Lessons with Anivatar Edu are magical experiences for every child!


  • Lack of children’s involvement in on-line lessons?
  • No ideas for interesting activities for children?
  • Takes too much time to prepare interesting lessons?
  • No integrated online learning environment?

We have a solution for you!

Anivatar Edu is a technology that allows you to conduct online lessons for children using fully animated live cartoon characters. The tutor takes on the role of these characters, taking children on an unforgettable educational adventure.


Anivatar Edu is also a platform for conducting classes that allows you to program individual lessons and optimize the process of preparing and conducting classes. The teacher has a lot of tools to use to create quizzes, educational games, competitions, as well as to present external materials – movies, photos, sounds, presentations, streams.

Children make friends with the screen protagonist very quickly

because Anivatar Edu is the magic of friendship!

Anivatar Edu engages all cognitive processes, thanks to which children deepen their knowledge in an innovative way. During the meeting, we develop the cognitive, social, emotional and physical area of the child’s development.

By combining educational topics with fun, we implement the best teaching method in a modern approach to education in schools and kindergartens.

Our animated hero and his world is an attractive and emotional form of education through play.

The main advantages of our solution include:

  • learning through play and contact with an animated character that children treat as their peer, friend. Thanks to this, children easily identify with the protagonist and willingly engage in the proposed activities
  • the character is fully interactive, making each lesson unique. Children can freely talk to the protagonist on the screen and interact with him in various ways.
  • a platform for preparing and playing semi-automatically lessons allows you to optimize the work of the teacher and reduce the load on the equipment of the teacher and student while conducting lessons, which allows to eliminate interference,


unique features – So much for so little!

  • entertains and engages at the same time
  • entertainment and education in one
  • using dialogue – a natural form of communication
  • the possibility of full improvisation in contact with students
  • simple, intuitive operation
  • ease of modification
  • the ability to create ready-made lesson plans

What is Anivatar really?


From the student’s perspective

It is a digital character drawn directly from an animated film, with whom you can talk as if you were a living human. No dialogue has any limits here! Anivatar really sees the interlocutor, hears and understands him, and answers and asks questions – encouraging them to play and learn together.

From the teacher’s perspective

It is a digital figure operated by the teacher in a simple way. The teacher talks to the students via Anivatar Edu as if he were doing it personally. Hiding behind characters offers a number of additional teaching possibilities. The multiplicity of characters allows you to choose them to appropriate topics.

In addition, the Anivatar Edu platform providing a number of tools for easy and intuitive creation of new interactive on-line lessons. Once a scenario is created, it can be played repeatedly.

A properly trained teacher is able to establish amazing relationships with children through a fairy-tale character.